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Journeying Towards God’s Heart for Reconciliation

When it comes to racial reconciliation, we often ask, “Where do we go from here?” But has it ever occurred to you that the real question is “Why are we still here?” In other words, until we’ve seen the problem of racism correctly—its history, its current effects, and its root causes—we aren’t equipped to head in the right direction. We’ll just keep falling into the same old patterns. The blind will lead the blind, and no one will have the vision to foster real change.

Know IT. Own IT. Change IT. Podcast

This podcast is designed to reimagine Christian responsibility related to loving others well. Our mission is to invite believers to lean in and explore injustices that impede human flourishing. Our hope is to champion gospel-centered reconciliation related to race, gender, class, and culture. Perhaps more simply put, we invite you to: KNOW IT, OWN IT, & CHANGE IT.

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